Chronex-RD Foundation

The constitutive act of CHRONEX-RD Foundation was signed on 16 July 2014 in front of: the rector of “Gr. T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Iași, Prof. Vasile Astărăstoae Ph.D, the prorector of Nicolae Testemitanu” State University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Chişinău, Prof. Mihail Gavriliuc Ph.D and the rector of the State University of Medicine, Odessa, Prof. Valeriy Nickolaevich Zaporozhan Ph.D.

The creation of the foundation was a necessary step in the implementation of the cross-border project MIS ETC1840, “East-European Excellence Network for Research and Development in Chronic Diseases CHRONEX-RD”, project carried out by the three universities of medicine until August 2015. The project aimed at unifying the most relevant research institutions in the biomedical and clinical field and the exceptional units of primary and community medicine in the cross-border area Romania, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. It legally created the first East-European Excellence Network for Research and Development in Chronic Diseases (CHRONEX-RD).

As a legally constituted entity, this international interdisciplinary structure shall develop and implement multidisciplinary and multicentric rersearch projects as well as multidisciplinary activities of training in chronic diseases. It shall attract public and private funds necessary to the area development.


The main objectives of the foundation are:

-To promote research in any biomedical, clinical subject as well as primary and community medicine subject;

-To initiate, develop and enable transnational research by strategic partnerships and alliances with other academic institutions, clinical institutions, research institutions and pharmaceutical companies and health technologies ones;

-To consolidate and to promote the development of medical research and of medical education in the establishing institutions;

-To provide education related to the above mentioned objectives;

-Bio-statistical consulting;

-Education and training in research;

-To make collaborative networks in order to improve the health condition of patients with chronic diseases;

-Services of clinical trials;

-Consulting activities in order to make health policies based on scientific evidence aimed at improving the health condition and the lives of patients with chronic diseases;

-Activities of guidance and consulting for the persons interested in applying research projects;

-To gather health professionals in collaborative networks in order to improve services in the chronic diseases field and to make efficient activities;

-To elaborate databases at the level of the interest region (cross-border area Romania, Moldova and Ukraine) useful in researching the issues of chronic diseases;

-Consulting activities and support for economic agents who work in the pharmaceutical sector;

-To make surveys and research on different fields related to the issues of chronic diseases (social determiners, economic impact, market surveys);

-To organise and to take part to forums and other kinds of reunions among business environments and the sector of research and of education in order to enable interactions with a positive effect upon economy.

By using the methodology of the participating collaboration in order to gather several institutions according to common interests, CHRONEX-RDcreated the architecture of a strategic network, able to increase the institutional capacity of each member in CHRONEX-RD and to generate social and economic positive sanitary externalities in the cross-border area.

The team who coordinates the collaboration shall identify the common interests of researchers in several locations of CHRONEX-RD. This team shall also enable the creation of multicentric and multidisciplinary groups with researchers who come from different countries, but who have common interests in requesting funds for multicentric and multidisciplinary research projects.

So far, the East-European Excellence Network in research and development for chronic diseases (CHRONEX-RD) has integrated 78 of the most relevant research institutions in the biomedical, clinical and internal medicine fields in the cross-border area.

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