It was completed in Management Research Programme

The management of research trainig series that took place in january-july 2015 dealt with very important issues concerning biomedical findings: production, interpretation and abstraction. Participants were involved in practical exercises on evidence based medicine, strength of evidence, the formulation of a research and/or clinical question, methodology of various types of biomedical studies, statistics, cost-related indicators, quality of life, etc. The output of the project consisted in the conception of a full research project, including methodology, theoretical premises, output, budget and socio-economical impact. The purpose of this training series was to open the access of a large number of family doctors to various research funds that are continually available through public institutions and organizations. This will allow not only the creation of better medical knowledge, but a skillfull and insightful mix between research and practice for doctors trhoughout the communities. By encouraging the cross-border cooperation in research, economical development is encouraged and sustained for the benefit of all communities.

Iasi 16 – 18 January

Odessa 09 – 11 February

Chisinau 18 – 20 February

Iasi 06 – 08 March

Chisinau 01 – 03 April

Odessa 20 – 22 April

Chisinau 12 – 15 June

Odessa 15 – 17 June