Specific objectives:

  1. To create and develop a transnational clinical research network in the field of chronic diseases.
  2. To develop regional education capacities and to train a body of proactive health professionals highly skilled and competitive in the management of chronic diseases in the cross-border region Romania-Moldova-Ukraine.
  3. To develop the capacity of         primary, community and       clinical care health
    professionals to implement research and development projects in chronic health care.
  4. To implement a quality management system integrated with European standards for the research and practice in chronic diseases.


Target groups for CHRONEX-RD:

  1. Researchers (including PhD students/ postdoctoral) in medical sciences and public health (30)
  2. Health care professionals in the field of chronic diseases (300).
  3. Family doctors to constitute the research network of primary and community care (60)


Final beneficiaries of the project:

  1. Chronically-ill patients in the care of health care professionals in the target groups
  2. Health technology and pharmaceutical businesses
  3. Public health practitioners and policy makers in the region
  4. Health managers (as end users of the quality management system)


Concrete results of the project

  1. The East European Network of Excellence for Research and Development in Chronic Diseases (CHRONEX-RD)
  2. Quality management system of research and practice of primary and community care
  3. Trained medical personnel to participate in research and development projects in the field of chronic diseases.